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Image This was posted on my Facebook page this morning and I immediately asked permission to share it here.  Thanks to my friends at Montgomery Area Freethought Association for this gem!  And a special nod to Jillian!

“The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU), who work to continue the fight to keep all religion out of government, should be commended by ALL Americans for their work to protect everyone’s religious liberties. However, many people who opposes the work these groups are doing do not really understand the implications of the government becoming entangled with religion.The people who oppose these groups and oppose the mission of protecting the First Amendment have not clearly thought out their position nor have they considered the future and what it means to allow religion into the government. They have a confirmation bias that doesn’t allow them to see long term or from an unbiased position. They are so sure they are right that they are willing to destroy the country and the rights of their relatives, long term, without care if it means getting what they want today. They are shortsighted and cannot think broadly without bias to their beliefs. They are the reason this amendment exists, so that the majority may not trample on the rights of others by trying to impose the agenda of the majority on the minority. The Constitution protects the minority from the majority and that’s how and why it was set up. This amendment exists so that no majority, regardless of who, how much or what they represent can change how the government operates and the rights that citizens have.What is to happen when your religion is no longer the majority one? When Christianity is replaced as the majority religion by Islam, when most politicians are Muslim, when most teachers are Muslim, will you still support religion in the government? Will you still support religion in the government when our population is 50% Muslim, 30% no religion and 20% Christianity? Remember, when you allow one religious belief into the government, you then invite them all and it’s not too far into the future that your religion will not be the majority anymore. Christianity has been declining in the US since the 1950s and within the next fifty years it will no longer be the dominant religion in this country. Groups like the FFRF, ACLU and AU seek to protect YOUR rights as well.When your children and grandchildren grow up in the future and Christianity is a minority religion, should they have to go to the public school in your town and listen while Muslim prayers are played over the loudspeakers at each football game? While the rest of the class is lead by the teacher who instructs them to bow and pray to Mecca five times a day should your Christian grandchildren have to go stand in the hall as if being punished, treated as an outsider and ostracized? Will you agree with religion in the schools when their teachers teach about the “wonderful” prophet Mohammed and make your kids say “peace be upon thee” after the saying of his name each time? Will you agree that your grandchild is not being forced to and after all, if they don’t want to say it they can just be quiet.Will you agree when your granddaughter comes home with a head scarf and tells you that she needs to be modest and cover her hair because the Qur’an orders this? Will you agree when that granddaughter gives you a note from the teacher with the verse that explains this and tells your granddaughter she is a disappointment for not wanting to follow the orders of Allah? Will you agree when you are told by the school that she isn’t being forced so there is no issue? Will you be okay with teachers posting the Five Pillars of Islam in every classroom? Should your grandchildren be told to just “not look at it”? When you go to court, will you support those Five Pillars being placed in front of the courthouse in big granite statues and will you gladly place your hand on a copy of the Qur’an in court and swear upon Allah to tell the truth?Have any of you even considered these things? No you haven’t and that’s why the First Amendment exists; because the average person doesn’t think long term and rushes to join the group without care for protecting the very basis of our country. You can’t conceive that your religion won’t be the majority one any more so you cannot conceive of why it’s important to keep religion out of the government. Times always change and things never stay the same; that includes what religion people follow. Think about this next time you think your religion should be allowed in the government.”