Cancer is a potentially deadly organism that invades healthy tissue, then gradually grows in size, until it destroys the host.  It’s found in human beings, and in most other living animal species on earth.  It is insidious, frightening, and very difficult to stop once it has established a foothold.

We have a similar “cancer” today, that has implanted itself in the very heart of America.  It is growing.  It is attacking its host. It is frightening.  That cancer started as several tiny individual cells.  These cells manifested themselves as racial bigotry, religious fundamentalism, anarchism, and conspiracy theorists.  For many years, these cells floated around freely, occasionally infecting small aspects of our government briefly, then moving on to another host.  But in 2008, they all seemed to congeal into one larger and, therefore, more formidable entity.  They were collectively named the Tea Party and they appear to have been conceived precisely at the moment we elected our first African-American president.

From that almost imperceptible birth, the cancer’s long term survival was in doubt, but in a sudden and somewhat predictable maneuver,  the Tea Party implanted itself in a very powerful and important host…the Republican Party.  Up until that point, the Republican Party represented nearly half of all Americans with positions like fiscal responsibility, small government, a corporate friendly spirit, and an understandable economic theory known as supply-side economics.  They were also led by honorable American patriots.  People with names like Eisenhower, Goldwater, Rockefeller, Ford and Bush worked to sway American opinion to their economic and social ideals.  These people were generally honorable, respectful, and honest.  The cancer saw a warm and welcome place to take permanent seed, and they did!

These relatively small groups congealed into one moderately sized monolith, and latched on tightly to the Republican Party.  The healthy and functional Republican Party, and they began to grow.

Today the once-honorable Republican Party is no longer recognizable to most of us.  The cancer has spread and the racists, religious fundamentalists, anarchists, and conspiracy finders (Think of Ghost Finders without the IQ points) have overwhelmed and overtaken the Grand Old Party.  Extremists from all four groups have taken such power, that mainstream Republicans no longer feel safe in their ideals, or their votes.  The cancer is a growth still much smaller than the party as a whole, but it has apparently enveloped the brain, and the nervous system.  The heart has been nearly eaten away.

Americans have been considered honorable and humanitarian by most of the civilized world since our beginnings in 1776.  We were born as “We The People”.  Unified and committed to “forming a perfect union, establishing justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense, and promoting the general welfare.”  Read those words carefully!  They encapsulate our Founding Father’s ideas about why government was needed.  But the cancer in today’s Republican Party has changed that.  Our worldwide image today, is one of a warlike, aggressive, selfish, and arrogant people.  And we would be foolish to deny the culpability of the cancer for this recent unfortunate phenomenon.

But there is hope on the horizon.  Some good Republicans have started to speak out against their malignant, parasitic invaders.  Many Republicans have recently made statements that place their loyalty with their country, and have actually denounced their carcinogenic invaders.  The Tea Party is imploding into the bigoted, hateful, and   unamerican denizens who gave birth to their party.  America is waking up and Americans want to regain their once proud place in the world.  We want to, again, be the protectors of human rights, both at home and globally.  We want to provide peace and security for our own countrymen, and the citizens of other nations.  We want to be an agent of helpful change for Americans and for our friends in foreign lands.  We want to ensure robust and continuing growth in our middle class.  We want a happy, healthy, and honorable America.  But most of all, we want to see the cancer cut out of our spirit, for the sake of America, and for the betterment of humanity.

             Mike Walker

Mike Walker